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Formis-2003   New Species-2010 and -2011

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HALL  of GLORY, Bibliography-RU (=2211 articles of 1839-2000)

Here everything, that you will find with 20.11.2011 on ours site about ants




Or: "What in you, Ant?"

Morphology of a head (from a moustache up to palp)

Morphology of a body (alitrunk, mesosoma, wings, legs)

Abdomen, genitalia, colouring, sculpture

Venoms of Fire Ants



Or: "How live Ant?"

Structure of family (monoginy, polyginy)
Division of functions (polietism)
Slavemakers Social parasitism
Nest or ant hill
Nutrition, feeding Forage/Fodder site Movement by a tandem

Fungus-growing and leaf-cutting ants
High-speed Desert ants, Cataglyphis ("Phaeton'chick")
Ants in pomegranate





Paleontological history of ants (G.Dlussky, A. Rasnitsyn)
The list of 500 fossil species of ants
Kyromyrma: first Mesosoic Formicinae
Afromyrma: most ancient Myrmicinae
Evolution of ant's subfamilies and their group
Palaeontological literature
"Dracula ant" phylogeny (Amblyoponinae) and implications for ant systematics
Primitive New Ants in Cretaceous Amber (Cananeuretus, Myanmyrma, Sphecomyrmodes)




GENERA (a,b,c,)

GENERA (biggest)

200 years back  100 years back  50 years back
How many ants in the world?
7 new subfamily (Bolton,2003)
Higher classification of the ants (2005)
The main features of the ants
Classification of the ants by G.Dlussky
Classification of the ants by Bolton (2003)

2009'year = 50 sp.nov. (NEW SPECIES)
2003'year = 486 sp.nov.  2000'year = 512 sp.nov. 
new sp.: 2006 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1956 1955 1954 1907 1906 1905 1904 1804

      Subfamily of the ants
Keys of the subfamily  Groups of the subfamily
Review of the Army Ant (Aenictinae, Dorylinae, Ecitoninae ...)
Review of Ponerinae and other Poneromorphs
Review of the subfamily Dolichoderinae 2 3
Review of the subfamily Formicinae 2 3
Review of the subfamily Myrmicinae 2 3
Review of the subfamily Pseudomyrmecinae
      Genera  Biggest genera of the ants
Full list of ~300 valid genera and subgenera
List of all ~900 genera level names ant it's synonymies

  1. AenictusList of the 100 Species, Regions and Literature
  2. Alloformica 
  3. AphaenogasterSpecies of Russia here >>>, 170 Species and Literature
  4. CamponotusSpecies of Russia here >>>  List of the 1000 Species
  5. Cataglyphis List of the Species and Literature
  6. Crematogaster:   List of the 400 Species and Literature
  7. Diacamma   (World Fauna, Literature)
  8. FormicaSpecies of Russia here >>> and Literature
  9. Harpagoxenus 
  10. LasiusList of the Species here >>> and Literature
  11. LeptogenysList of the 200 Species
  12. LeptothoraxSpecies of Russia here >>>, List of the 365 Species & Literature
  13. MessorSpecies of Russia here, List of the 110 Species and Literature
  14. MonomoriumList of the 350 Species >>> and Literature
  15. Myrmica  List of the Species here >>>
  16. PachycondylaList of the 200 Species and Literature
  17. PheidoleList of the 1000 Species and Literature
  18. Polyergus - AMAZONKY
  19. Polyrhachis: List of the 500 Species and Literature
  20. ProceratiumList of the 80 Species and Literature
  21. PyramicaSpecies of Russia, List of the 330 Species and Literature
  22. Rossomyrmex 
  23. StenammaSpecies of Russia, List of the 50 Species and Literature
  24. StrumigenysSpecies of Russia, List of the 470 Species and Literature
  25. Tetramorium: Species of Russia, List of the 400 Species and Literature


Ants of The Russia
Ants of The Chuvash REPUBLIC
Ants of The Moscow Area
Ants of Australia
Ants of Northern America
Ants of Southern America

The review of mirmecofauna of Russia, ex-USSR countries, SNG ...    Byelorussia , Buryatiya, Georgia (Gruzia), Far East, Kirov , Komi , Lithuania, Moldova, Nizhniy Novgorod, Visim Reserv (Sverdlovsk area), Ural

The review of mirmecofauna of other countries     Bulgar, Denmark , England, Italy, Japan, Finland, France, Morocco, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Arabian peninsula, Balkan peninsula, New Guinea



Fungus-growing and leaf-cutting ants
High-speed Desert ants, Cataglyphis ("Phaeton'chick")
Ants in pomegranate Antsilk and WEAVERS ants
Monkeys and ants: Chimpanzee Gorillas Loris
Troglobitic Species of Ants
Dendrobatid poison frogs and ants
Argentine Ant, Linepithema humile





Or, as speak
when you them do not understand


(noted and famous myrmecologists)




William BROWN(For the first time in Russian)
Carlo EMERY(For the first time in Russian)
August FOREL
William WHEELER(For the first time in Russian)
Konstantin V. ARNOLDI
Gennady M. DLUSSKY
Michael D. RUZSKY
Erich Wasmann


HALL of GLORY (As their name are named...)
The authors of the majority of opening of Genera
Who has described more new species
Myrmecological dissertation and thesis in Russia


Myrmecological discoveries and last opening
"Zoological magazine"
Journal "Successes of modern biology"
Articles about ants from 2006 year
Articles about ants from 2005 year
Articles about ants from 2004 year
Articles about ants from 2003 year
Articles about ants from 2002 year
Articles about ants from 2001 year
New Genera of the ants (1997-2003 years)
New Species of the ants (2006 year)
New Species of (2005 year) (2004) (2003) (2002) (2001) (2000) (1999) (1998) (1997) (1996)

New classifications of the ants (Bolton,2003)


1.The popular scientific books about ants

2.The scientific books about ants

3.ALL Russian  articles  about ants (№№1-2211 from 1839-2000 years. Introduction.) and separate references from
1961-1970 years,
1971-1975 years, 1976-1980 years,
1981-1985 years, 1986-1990 years,
1991-1995 years and 1996-2000 years.

4.Magazines and Journals about ants

5.Bibliography on Sverdlovsk's Region

6.Bibliography on Orenburg's Region

7.Bibliography on Chelyabinsk's Region

8.Bibliography on Bashkir's Region

9.Works of the USSR/Russian myrmecological Symposiums

10.Works of the myrmecological kolloqium

11.Formis-2003 The analysis of the new world antbibliography from 32000 references

12.Literature about desert ants The list about 275 clauses and books devoted to questions of biology, physiology, ecology and systematic of Cataglyphis of world fauna

13.Palaeontological Bibliography
The list of the basic literature on fossil ants: more 70 references

14.Old Bibliography on -1904
The list of the literature on ants 1904: 70 references

15.Old Bibliography on -1905
The list of the literature on ants 1905 года: 109 references

16.Old Bibliography on -1954
The list of the literature on ants 1954 года: 105 references

17.Old Bibliography on -1955
The list of the literature on ants 1955 года: 102 references

18.Literature about Army Ants:
about 400 references

19.Literature about Dolichoderinae:
about 40 references

20.Literature about Leptothorax:
about 70 references

21.Bibliography on-2001
about 300 references

22.Bibliography on California
about 450 references

23.Literature about antplant's myrmecophytic associations
about 107 references

24.Literature about ant's karyotype, RNA, DNA sequences and chromosome number
about 100 references

25.Literature about "Spider and Ants" (Araneae)
about 80 references

26.Literature about "Bacterium symbionts and parasits (Microbiology)" (+suppl. №31)
about 20 references





Ants in all languages
(Half-hundred will suffice you?). I have prepared 1,5 ten of translations and soon you can see a word «ant» in 70 languages!



OTHER creativity,

Or close, yes about

Aphorism about ants
Ciceron, Celsius, Saint Augustin, Linney, Stendal, Twen, ...

Statement (The Bible, The Koran)

Poetry and ants
Dante, Marschak, Uschakov ...


       Omar HAIYAM

Prose and ants

Anecdote and jokes




The best pictures and photos


Children's pictures of the ants   

Gallery of laughter and humor  

(Photo from Pavel Korzunovitch)

Photo from Aleksander Schevtchenko
Ant Messor >>>
Huge nests from Aleksey Gilev



Or astronomers

And everyone, who only can, look in a telescope


Huge space Ant NEBULA





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